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How to Get a Job!

How to get a job. Seems like a fairly simple equation and process, right? Well, in 2013 and beyond, getting a job isn't as simple as it seems. Gone are the days of buying a newspaper, jumping to the classifieds, and mailing in a cover letter or resume. In addition, gone are the days of going to Craigslist.com or Monster.com posting a resume and getting a job. So how does the modern job process work?


Simple, there is a "How To" in finding the job or career of your choice. If you are like many, many Americans, employment and jobs have been hard to come by. Recently the government stated that unemployment is under 8%. Although that number is deceiving. The actual unemployment number is well over 15%. However, the ironic and uniqueness to this, is there are 10's of thousands of jobs currently sitting unfilled and ready for immediate hire. First, we have to understand "How To" prepare and land that job!

Consider these steps when seeking and applying for work:


  • First, rework your entire cover letter. FACT, employers make serious hiring decisions based on the cover letter. STOP using form cover letters for jobs! Employers see that and move on. Spend time, energy, and resources to make your cover letters pop!

  • Second, rewrite your resume. This is the history of your success, treat it as such. You must be bold, be confident, strong in whatever background you have. Whether you have been out of work or limited history, make your resume jump off their desk!

  • Utilize social media for jobs. You MUST network on social media sites. Search companies or hashtags for jobs. Go to Twitter and search #job or #jobs and thousands of open positions will come up. Social media is the new employment and networking, utilize it.

  • Consider video. Video is a powerful way to present yourself to a potential employer. It makes you stand out from the rest. Here is a link on how to do a video cover letter: http://youtu.be/o9N-djSQtYU In this day and age of competition, you must be unique and you must stand out!!

  • Telecommute. Consider a telecommute position. No, I am not referring to these work from home business opportunity things. I am talking real companies, real positions, ALL salary or hourly jobs. Majority of employers right now are allowing employees to telecommute or work from home. This is the best job to have, find them and get hired.

  • Resume Blog. Consider taking 15 minutes and putting together a blog through wordpress for free for a resume website/blog. This is a place to really sell yourself. Who you are and what you do. It allows freedom in selling yourself, expression, and shows employers how savvy and serious you are. There is an amazing article I wrote on this: http://tinyurl.com/au2cvzx


  • Facebook. There are 1000's of groups, forums, and fanpages dedicated to networking for employment. One such Fanpage is www.facebook.com/getmymomajob. Get connected to employers, recruiters, and employment boards.


Look, it is a different time. Different times call for different means in getting employment. You must adapt. You must be proactive. You must know the "How To's" in getting the job you desire. Telecommute, Part-Time, Full-Time, whatever the case, the job you want and the mass amount of jobs are available. Throw the newspaper away, print this article and get to work. Literally and figuratively!!