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Stay Healthy While Working At Home

My biggest struggle is staying in shape. I work long hours sitting at my computer.


While I love not having to commute, being able to wear sweats or shorts and spending extra time with my family, I know that I need to take action to maintain my health. Sitting isn’t conducive to maintaining an ideal weight.


Women who are working at home need to have some strategies for keeping healthy . My ideas revolve around breaks, which range from 10 seconds to 10 minutes.


 Make time for exercise.


Even if it is no longer convenient to visit a gym as you did when you worked at an office, take advantage of the different opportunities you have at your own home. Force yourself to move around. Here are some tips:


1. Don’t just sit. Even while working at your computer you can vary your position. Make it a habit to stand while reading and then sit down again to use the keyboard.

2. While you are sitting you can flex or rotate your neck, shoulder and leg muscles. This will help you stay limber.

3. Take 10 minute exercise breaks frequently. Choose something you love to do such as turning up the volume on your computer and dancing to your favorite station on Pandora. Or switch to a lively playlist on your iPod and practice your most energetic moves.

4. Nobody is watching, so why not do 24 jumping jacks or jump rope? You wouldn’t think of doing these things in a corporate office but now you can!

5. Strengthen your muscles by standing up and then sitting down six times without touching anything for support.

6. Be good to your eyes. Instead of constantly staring at the screen in front of you, make a point of looking away from your computer and focus on something on the far side of the room for 15 seconds. This will prevent eye strain.

7. Use a little glass for your drinking water. You will need to get up often to replenish it and this will add another frequent change of position.

8. A lot of sitting makes for weight gain. Prevent this by eating smaller, healthy portions. Resist keeping snacks by your side.


It requires resolve to stay in shape while enjoying your work-at-home job. Sitting for long hours will not only decrease your health but also causes energy loss. This results in less productive hours. Pump up your energy and work better. Adding little movement breaks increases your efficiency.


This article was written by Beth Niebuhr who helps women become entrepreneurs so that they can build their own successful businesses and have the freedom to live the lifestyle of their choice. She has created businesses of her own - a flight school, a website design business and Soar To Success online. To read more of her articles, visit her blog www.EncoreWomen.com