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Scam Emails....How to Spot Them!

I receive emails from people asking me about job opportunities that they receive via email asking me how they got their email address and if a company is legitimate. A few emails that I received frightened me that someone may actually respond to one of these fraudulent emails.


Often times people are desperately trying to find employment so anything they receive brings hope to them. People tend to make decisions emotionally instead of thinking about the actual position or email that they receive. Unfortunately, scam artists know this and this is why they send out these emails so that you will respond quickly through your emotions instead of logically. I am not saying this to offend anyone, I am telling you this so that you will be able to detect a scam. Anytime you receive an email, really read that email then think to yourself how does this person know I am looking for a job. Of course there will be the obvious ones where you opted in to a site to receive updates like you can on this blog. Then there will be ones that the position to work from home sounds so good and it is much needed income that you make a rash decision to email this person back. This is when your problems will begin with scam artists, now they know how to prey on your emotions and your current situation without even knowing you. Remember this, email addresses are very easy to obtain. Companies/people can even purchase lists of email addresses. Just because someone emails you, does not mean that they actually know you.


Here are a few examples, of actual emails, that people have sent me. I will point out each part of the email that is a huge red alert.

Email #1: address sent from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Notice the email address, this is not from the US)

Subject: Personal Assistant Job Opportunity


My name is James Polk, I got your contact information from an online

recruitment job center and I'm looking for someone who can handle my b u s i n e s s &

personal errands at his/her spare time as I keep travelling alot. Someone who

can offer me these services mentioned below:


Pay bills on my behalf

Shop gifts when required

Mail services (Receive my mails and drop them off according to my instruction) This has been a huge scam for years

$500 would be your weekly payment.

If you are ready to go,send us your details like complete name/address/country/state/city/zip/phone/cell

or you could even attach your resume.



James Polk.


There are so many things wrong with this email, I will touch on the main areas.

First have you requested information from a job board online? No, well that is your first clue that this is a scam.

Next, if the person really received your information from a job board then why does he not address you; he just starts with hello. This is an email message that they are sending to thousands of people in hopes that someone will take the bait.

Pay attention to the grammar and how the email is set up, a professional who does hiring for a company is not going to send a sloppy, poorly written email.

Last, always pay attention to the email address it was sent from. This is from the Netherlands. A real company is going to use a company email address, not one from the Netherlands or a free account through Google.


Email #2: Address sent from: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(Free email account, anyone can open a free email account and do not even have to use their real name)

We have found CV recruiter. Now we have this job opportunity available: Transportation Manager

Position is mostly about accepting, sorting and forwarding parcels touch United States Postal Service worldwide.It's a house based position.

Someone should be available at home for accept packs and be in touch by email to receive instructions from your manager. (Many packs could be for our manager's name or for your name.

Process can be splited into 4 steps:

  • You will receive and report about all parcels delivered to your address*;
  • Repack parcels, removing all papers, combining products in one parcel if necessary;
  • Ship-out packages according our instructions (you will receive them at control panel each time);
  • You receive parcels . Many packages can be for our purchaser's name or for your householder);

* If the signature is required; you should put sign for boxes;

Make sure to have working home and cell phone numbers that could be used to contact you at any time.

There no investment needed on your part. Shipping charges and additional taxes will be paid by a company.

It is very important to be in touch via email; You must check tasks minimumonce at day.

Your wage will be per package based $10.0 per every shipped-out package while the probal period and $15.0 after. (Your wage will be placed to your paypal account every working month. During the 1st months you will work with small packages quantity. There will be 15-30 deliveries a week. You don't need any special qualifications, you will receive required knowledge while probe period .

You will be responsible just for making correct shipments in time (48 hrs from the successful receipt). Our Manager will be looking over your work.

You have:

  • Access to the internet (to check personel panel for the tasks updates) and the ability of checking your personal panel 2-3 times a day.
  • Ability to receive the parcels to your physical address (not Postal Office box)
  • Printer (you need to print postal labels to ship the packages)

To get more detailed information, answer to this mail

This position is legal job, our company don't operate with products with the products forbidden for export from United States.

If you have any questions concerning this position do not worry to ask.


Best regards,

Personnel manager



Where do I start with this one? I copied and pasted the exact email, this is the format the email was sent. If that isn’t a red flag, let me point out a few more problems with this email.


First, once again the grammar throughout the entire email is poor to say the least.

Next, this is twofold, pay attention to the amount you will be paid. It is not in the correct format, not to mention what real company would pay that amount of money to send packages.

Last, if this was a real company then why are you not being directed to their website which is not listed?


This is just 2 examples, there are so many scams online that it is almost frightening to think that this is how people spend (or should I say waste) their time on preying on innocent people. You need to be aware and pay close attention to emails that you receive when you do not know the sender. If you are not exactly sure by the email then Google the company name or email address. There are so many websites online where people can report scams or make people aware of scams that you probably will find the information quite quickly doing a Google search.


This is part 1 of my series that will give you more eye opening examples of scams that you will find online or in your inbox. Until next time, please never give anyone your personal information through an email.