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Jobs: What's Your Return on Investment?

ROI, it is a common acronym. ROI standing for Return on Investment. This is something that we all seek. Whether we are talking about retirement, investments, 401k, house values, whatever the case may be we want something in return when we give something! That is exactly how potential employers views job applicants, what is the Return on Investment.

Make no mistake about it, regardless of position or company they are investing in you, and they expect a payoff. They are investing in your training, health benefits, taxes, insurance, and of course payroll. Human Resources and all companies are seeking a return on that investment, so you have to present yourself that way in your resume!

Often resumes take the shape and form of job descriptions and biographies in lieu of a marketing plan. Resumes that are written as marketing tools, need to be presented in a way that will show payoff, this is what I mean:

SALES: If you are in sales your sales accomplishments, new account acquisition, account retention, must be relayed in a way that will relate to the new company. The hiring manager must be able to read your resume, see the accomplishments, and see how it will tie directly into their company. ROI!

PROJECT MANAGEMENT: If you are a highly successful Project Manager, relay that. Talk about budget payoffs, time saved, critical employee retention, client retention, and additional projects due to you and your team directly. Don't speak to the projects as much as the accomplishments within the projects.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT: If you worked in a technical support environment your contributions go far past your technical aptitude. You are customer and profit retention. You are customer service. This is a critical position and your skills have to be demonstrated in the ROI it deserves well past just your technical aptitude.

ROI has many forms, however, it is critical that it is displayed in EVERY job you have had. It is the one element of your resume and work experience that is quantifiable. It is tangible. ROI is what a potential employer can look at and say "OK, this is what he/she can do for our company."

Marketing, branding, and proving your ROI is the key component in you getting hired. Once people can see your value, see what that value will bring, you become a Desire Hire.

Today review your resume. What does it say? Does it show accomplishments? Does it show what you will bring to the table? Or does it show your responsibilities ONLY without the payoff. If the latter is the case, you must take action and transform your resume into the marketing piece it needs to be. The moment you take 30 minutes and rewrite your resume and show employers the payoff, the faster your job search ends and your new career begins.

Take Action today; connect the dots for employers, and prove to them the best investment they can make is in hiring you!

If you are not sure what needs changed on your resume, click here for a free resume review.