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Job Hunting? The Monster.com Dilemma!

In 2013, the process in searching for, finding, and legitimately competing for a job is incredibly difficult. Not only is it a by-product of the mass amount of Americans looking for work, it is the archaic systems involved in employment. Yes, I am saying that sites like Monster.com are outdated models. Here's why:


Fact, when you have 1314 people competing for everyone job opening, that unto itself is an issue. This is NOT a solution to an employer, nor is it for the job seeker. The employer is overwhelmed by the mountain of responses, so much so, that most resumes are dismissed before they are ever seen. Result? Incredibly well qualified candidates are passed over due to volume. Not a good solution.


The job seeker side is equally as devastating. Every time you submit a resume to an employer a renewed sense of hope happens. You are excited and you vigorously check email throughout the day in hopes of a response. The fact is, a response may never come. As a job seeker you begin to take this personally. You begin to question yourself and attributes. When in fact it is NOT you, but the job seeking system you are using. Solution?

YES, break the mold!! Monster.com, Craigslist.org, JobFox.com, and the 1000's of others are using job seeking methods of 1990. Forgetting to advance, even though they themselves as a corporate entity have advanced in their own hiring practices. The forgotten world? Telecommute. In fact, with employers now more than ever steering away from Monster.com and the sorts, prime jobs, professional jobs, entry level jobs, and telecommute jobs are almost non-existent!


Imagine for a moment, where you could reduce your odds of employment, in resume submission by 85%!! 85%!!! Do you have better odds? YES!! Let's break this down to simple numbers. Instead of 1314 at Monster.com, let's say 1000 people submit resumes. If you reduce that by 85% to 150 people, do you think the probability of standing out increases now? 100% YES!!!


That is the model of Get My Mom and Get My Dad a Job. The ONLY dedicated Telecommute Job Site on the internet today. Specializing in JOBS. Not commission, not draw, not contract, REAL JOBS. W-2, salary, or hourly with benefit jobs. Apple, 1-800-FLOWERS, U-HAUL, Support.com, and that is a few in 100's that are available. Break the mold, or better yet, tame the "monster" and get results. Check it out today. Find out why Get My Mom a Job was profiled in the USA today!! www.getmymomajob.com.