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Top 10 Companies with Telecommute Jobs Hiring Now!

You hear people talk about telecommute jobs and virtual positions; what do these mean? It is fairly simple, there are companies that have positions that allow their employees to telecommute.

This means that the employee will have the same job responsibilities that they would have if working at the office, but with a telecommute job the employee works from their home office.

Many companies have adapted a certain amount of their positions to the telecommute model as it makes sense for companies financially and employees are more productive. Telecommute jobs are more than freelance positions or Independent Contractor positions, these are W2 jobs part time or full time with benefits. The pay rate and benefits are the same as if you worked at the office. Major corporations have implemented the telecommute model for some of their positions; these positions can be entry level to management level and beyond. Below are the top 10 companies that offer telecommute jobs:


Xerox:  Currently has more than 8000 employees that telecommute. They hire for various work at home positions: Customer Care, Tech Support, Data Entry/Verification, Image Tagging, Quality Control, Systems Development, Software Programming, Administrative/Business Support, plus other positions.


American Express: Most of their jobs are nationwide, but some of the positions you may need to reside in a particular city/state.  Work from home jobs that they hire for are:  Travel Counselors, Customer Care Professionals, Performance Specialists, Business Development, Account Executives, plus other positions.

**Type work at home in the search box.


UnitedHealth Group:  20% of their employees telecommute. Types of positions they hire for are: Nurses, contract managers, auditors, Medicare/Medicaid specialists, analysts, medical coders and consultants.


Dell:  Some of the positions, you may need to reside in a particular city/state. Positions they hire for virtual jobs are: Business Development, IT Systems Advisors, Analysts, Engineers, Sales, Help Desk Support, Tech Account Managers, plus many more.


Apple:  Telecommute jobs are nationwide. Positions they hire for are: At Home Advisors, At Home Team Managers, and At Home Area Managers.


Salesforce:   They were voted one of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work for in 2016. You will need to reside in the city or state listed for the telecommute jobs. Some of the jobs that they hire for are: Lead Business Consultant, Marketing Cloud Solutions Architect, Lead Systems/DevOps Engineer, Account Executive, plus many more.

***To find the remote jobs, on the left hand side bar under location click on your state/remote or US/remote.


Red Hat:  For some of their remote jobs, you may need to reside in a particular city or state. They hire for: Sales, Software Engineers, Consultants, Cloud Architects, plus other positions.


SAP:  To find telecommute jobs, use the keyword virtual. If it is a telecommute job, at the end of the job listing it will state other location virtual. They hire for: HR Specialists, Payroll Consultants, Marketing, Sales, Business Solutions Consultants, plus many other positions.

**Type virtual in the field that says Title.


K12: At the time of this post, there are 358 virtual job openings. You may need to reside in a particular city/state for some of their positions. Virtual jobs that they hire for are: various teaching positions, Family Academic Support Liaison, Family Engagement Coordinator, plus many other positions. They offer part time and full time jobs.

***Under location, choose virtual.


Intuit: Most remote jobs are nationwide, but a few may require you to live in a particular state. The types of jobs that they hire for are: Tax Advisors, Tax Specialists, Marketing, Human Resources, Sales, and more.


**Type remote in the keyword field.


There are thousands of companies that hire telecommute employees, but the battle can be finding these jobs. Not only do larger corporations offer the ability for their employees to telecommute, smaller and mid-size companies have telecommute jobs.


It is helpful in knowing how to search for telecommute jobs, some keywords to use in your job search whether through a job board or on the company’s website, is virtual, remote, telecommute, home based, work from home, and work at home. Start today in finding a telecommute job by using our job board to locate some other telecommute jobs.


If you need help finding a telecommute job, click here.