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Medical Coder and Medical Transcriptionist Work from Home Jobs

Work from home jobs that have been popular for years among people who want to work from home are medical coding jobs and medical transcriptionist jobs. 

This is a great work from home position for a work at home mom, someone who is retired and wants to supplement their income, if you live in a place that requires a long drive to the nearest hospital or medical center, or anyone who enjoys having the opportunity to work from home. There are many companies that hire work from home medical coders and work from home transcriptionist, you can either be a W2 employee or an independent contractor depending on the company you work for.  These positions, typically, require experience along with being certified.


Difference between Medical Coders and Medical Transcriptionist

There is a difference when it comes to work at home medical coders and work at home medical transcriptionist, each position has different responsibilities.  The job responsibilities for a work at home medical coder are: converting medical diagnosis, services and procedures into codes for billing. These type of positions will, usually, require certification and some companies will require a Bachelor’s Degree in the healthcare field.  Also to be able to work at home as a medical coder, you will need experience in this field.  Many hospitals, now a days, hire work at home medical coders.  This is a great opportunity to work for a hospital, doing the type of work you enjoy while having the flexibility of working from home.

Medical transcriptionist work from home jobs are perfect for someone who has good typing skills and some medical knowledge.  You will need your certification for most companies.  Although you will find that some companies will hire you without experience, most do require experience.  The job responsibilities of a work from home medical transcriptionist is to transcribe various medical reports which can include:  physical exams, progress reports, emergency room notes, discharge summaries, clinical notes, radiology reports, and various other medical reports.

One thing to keep in mind when thinking about get certified so you can be a work at home medical coder or a work at home medical transcriptionist is to do your due diligence when choosing a school to obtain your certification.  There are many online schools that offer a certification program, research the school and read online reviews from others.  A good Google search to conduct for each school you are considering is this:  school name reviews.  This type of search will display results of websites that do company reviews.  Looking at these type of websites will assist you in finding out what type of school it is.  You do not want to just read reviews that are listed on the school’s website because those are not going to be accurate as most companies only list the positive reviews.

Companies that Hire Work at Home Medical Coders


 (Will say US for location for remote jobs, will have to scroll down page to see medical coder position)

The Coding Network

Mayo Clinic

Aviacode  (Click Job Openings under Medical Coding)


Companies that Hire Work at Home Transcriptionist