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Legitimate Online Data Entry Jobs

Many people search for online data entry jobs, but sometimes it is hard to find the legitimate work at home jobs.  There are many data entry jobs that you can work from home, it is just finding the right companies. 

With all work at home jobs, you need to be aware of scams and do your research.  One thing to always remember, you do not need to pay a company to work for them.  If someone is asking you to send money, be wary and move on.

Data entry is a great work at home job that allows you to have a flexible schedule.  Basic data entry positions are not difficult to do, as long as you are able to type.  A basic requirement is being a fast and efficient typist. Some of the companies will require a certain number of words per minute and ask that you take a typing test. Most of these data entry jobs, you will be considered an Independent Contractor. Typically, you will be paid by task or word; but some companies will pay per hour.  How a company pays and the rate of pay will depend on the company.

The companies that I listed below are hiring for entry level data entry jobs.  Transcription and data entry are different in the skills needed and the pay rate.  Data entry has a lower pay rate, but is more of an entry level position.

Below is a list of companies with work at home data entry jobs, if you would like to view Transcriptionist work at home jobs click here


***To view the job listing, click on the company name

  1. Dion Data Solutions

Must type at least 60 wpm with accuracy. 


  1. Data Plus


  1. gorgewarehouse.com


Must type 30 wpm. Pay rate is $10.50 an hour.


  1. Quicktate - iDictate


  1. Scribie


Transcribe audios


  1. The Smart Crowd


Sign up on the website, once logged in you can choose the data entry jobs. You are paid per piece.


  1. Axion Data


They are not always hiring, but if you apply they will contact you when they have openings.


  1. ClickNWork


  1. Rev


Earn money by captioning videos, tv shows and movies. No prior experience required, paid weekly.


  1. Casting Words


Online transcription jobs for beginners. 


  1. Transcribe Me


Hires beginner typists with no experience.


  1. Get Transcribed


Hires transcribers, you do not need to have experience.


  1. Speech Pad


Hires transcribers with no experience.


  1. Transcribe Team


Hires transcriptionist with no experience.


If you are looking for a part time job or want a flexible job to make extra money, then data entry could be good for you.  Remember when seeing ads online for data entry do your research and never send a person or company money to work for them.