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List of Work at Home Transcriptionist Jobs

If you need a flexible schedule working at home, one option is to become a work at home transcriptionist.  This is different than data entry as you need a certain level of skill or experience to be a transcriptionist. 


Also you will need the right equipment in order to perform this type of work.   Most companies hire independent contractors and you are paid per piece/per audio.  Although this is not a salary position, experienced transcriptionist can make a lucrative income.  Experience, speed, and accuracy will typically determine how much you can earn; the faster you are the more work you can get done in a shorter time frame. 


There are different types of work at home transcriptionist positions:  general transcriptionist, legal transcriptionist, and medical transcriptionist.  General transcription is a broad category and the skill level, plus pay will vary depending on the type of transcriptionist work that is required. To be a general transcriptionist, you do not always need experience depending on the company. A Legal transcriptionist should know legal terminology although no formal training is required.  Medical transcription is specialized and will require training and certification.  If you are deciding if this field is for you, how do you get started?

Getting started as a transcriptionist is not difficult, but you will have to have certain skills like having a fast typing speed, being detailed oriented, and an accurate typist without errors.  Also you must have good grammar and editing skills.  Last, but not least you must be a good listener as a lot of the work is transcribing audios.  Certain equipment will be required depending on the position, some companies will provide this equipment for you.  If you enjoy typing and have the other skills necessary to be a transcriptionist, this may be a field for you.  This is a great position for stay at home moms, work at home moms, and retirees trying to supplement their income.  Of course transcription positions can be for anyone who would like to work at home. 

With any position, you have to make sure it is worth your time as far as what you will be paid.  If you are inexperienced, you may not make that much when you first start.  These positions are typically paid by work produced so if you are slower because you are new then you will not produce that much work; in return you will not make that much money.

Scams to Beware of for work at home transcriptionist

Work at home transcriptionist can find work quite easily if you know where to look.  Just like data entry, you need to beware of scams.  Always do your homework and research the company, read reviews online, and check job forums.  A well-known scam that you may see is companies will try to sell you training or a certification program for positions at their company.  After you pay the money and complete the training, you will find out quickly that there are not any positions and your certificate means nothing.  Typically, no formal training is required for general transcriptionist or legal transcriptionist, although for medical transcriptionist you will need training.  There are schools that provide this training, as with anything do your research before you commit to any program.  If a company states that they will only accept certifications provided by them which you have to pay for, be skeptical of that company.  Remember legitimate companies do not ask you to pay them to work for them, they pay you to work for them.

If a company is trying to sell you a business opportunity, be skeptical.  You are looking for a job, not an opportunity which you will have to pay for.  Remember if it sounds too good to be true then it usually is.


Below is a list of companies that hire general transcriptionist: Next article we will discuss how to become a medical transcriptionist and list companies that hire medical transcriptionists.

Cyber Dictate:  Must be experienced: hires standard, legal, & medical transcribers



Cambridge Transcription:  Hires legal and corporate http://ctran.com/employment/


SpeakWrite:  Must type 60wpm



Verbal Ink:  Hires English & Foreign language transcriptionists



Tigerfish Transcribing:  Transcribe various types of audio



1-888TypeItUp: Transcrbes audio






Neal Gross & Company: Court reporting and transcription company. must be able to type 60 wpm



Transcribe ME!:  No Experience Necessary



Dion Data Solutions: Data Entry.  You must be able to type 60wpm.



Allegis Transcription: Must have at least 2 years experience.


At Home Typing Service: Must be experienced



Daily Transcription: Freelance Positions Only



ETranscription Solutions: Must type a minimum of 80 words



Expedict: Only hires experienced audio typist



Way with Words: Hires transcriptionist and for captioning



GMR Transcription:  General & Medical Transcriptionist



AccuTran Global: Transcribers, realtime stenographers and voicewriters.



Fantastic Transcripts:  Freelance, you state your rate.



Transcription Focus Forward: 



Hollywood Transcriptions: Must type a minimum of 65 words



Landmark Associates:  Must be experienced, general transcription



Mass Transcription:  General Transcriptionist



Net Transcripts:  Must type 80 wpm



Preferred Transcriptions: Must have at least 1 year experience



Production Transcripts: Only hires highly experienced Transcribers






TSI:  Must type 70 WPM



Transcription 2000 Services:  Must have experience



Transcription Experts



Ubiqus: Various positions: Transcriptionist, Interpreter, Writers



ASC/Morningside Services: News Transcribers



Mulberry Studio:  Part time & Full time transcription & proof reading positions