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Looking for a Virtual Assistant Job?


A virtual assistant (abbreviated as VA) is very similar to an administrative position, like a secretary or executive assistant. Here is a list of companies hiring.....


The main difference is as a virtual assistant, you are completing your work virtually. You do not have to go into an office to perform your job duties; you use your computer, printer, phone, internet, etc. This saves you travel time and money.  Your commute is fairly simple, you are walking to wherever your computer is located in your home.


There are different types of virtual administrative jobs, one example is a part time or full time position with set hours. The next example is a virtual assistant position that you work for a company that provides the needed work to be completed during a set time frame; typically you are considered an independent contractor. So as long as you complete the work by the deadline, you can balance your schedule by working the hours that best fit your schedule.

In addition, there are various skills that business owners or companies may need from a virtual assistant. Some jobs may be just for basic secretarial work, well other jobs may be more involved and require more experience.

Below is a list of companies:




Executive Assistant, Virtual Assistant




Various virtual assistant positions. Scroll to the bottom of the page, in the lower right hand corner there is an email address to send your resume to.


Vicky Virtual


Receptionist positions, pay rate is $10 an hour.




Various virtual assistant positions, $15 - $20 an hour.


Virtual Gal Friday


Virtual Assistant, various types of positions (Independent Contractor Position, paid for hours worked)


Fancy Hands 


You are paid per task, pay rate varies.


Time Etc


Must have 2-3 years experience, this is a part time position.




Part time position starts at 5 hours a week then can increase to 20 hours a week.


Blue Zebra


Administrative Assistant, if you scroll down the page it is position 2.  This is an independent contractor position with an hourly wage based on experience and you are paid weekly.


Dion Data Solutions


Data Entry, this is an independent contractor position.  You must be able to type 60wpm.


Virtual Assistant Talent


This is a company that places virtual assistants by experience with their clients, various types of virtual assistant positions. 




Hires executive assistants and marketing assistants.


Decide what type of virtual assistant work you can/want to do, then check out the companies above to see what they are presently hiring for. Being a virtual assistant can be a great job for a college student, stay at home mom who wants to reenter the workforce, work at home mom, someone who is retired and wants to supplement their income, or someone who lives in a more rural area without many job options; whatever the reason, being a virtual assistant can be a great job.


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