30 Day Coupon Challenge

Coupons continue to be very popular at the grocery store, but do you really save that much money? 

Most people get their coupons from the inserts in the newspaper and printing online coupons. There are hundreds of coupons that are readily available to us, but takes time to go through all of the different sites and newspaper inserts.  It truly can become a full time job trying to keep all of the coupons organized and using them before they expire.

I know people who will not grocery shop without their stack of coupons, then others who don’t want to use their time to search for particular coupons for the items they buy.  So, how do you know if you really are saving that much money and if the time spent on couponing is worth the savings? 

Take this 30 day coupon challenge:


For 1 month, you will keep track of the time spent searching for coupons and the amount of money saved.

Get a notebook and label week 1, week 2, week 3, & week 4

Under each week, you will note the total time spent for the week looking at sales papers, websites, finding coupons, and printing coupons.

After you get home from the grocery store, write the total savings under the week.  Look at your grocery receipt(s) and at the bottom it will tell you your total savings.

Now at the end of the month, add up the total hours spent on couponing and then the total savings for the month. 

So now let’s say you saved a total of $200 for the month and spent 12 hours throughout the month on your saving money efforts.  That is a savings of $16.67 per hour. 

Let me ask you, was it worth it?  If this was a part time job, would you be happy making $16.67 an hour?

The other side of the equation is, did you buy just to buy?  What I mean by that is did you purchase items just because you had a coupon and not sure when you will use it?  If this is the case, then you really aren’t saving the amount of money you think you are.  The true savings is buying groceries that you are going to eat.

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