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Everyone Wants to Win!

True statement? You bet, everyone wants to win. Whether you are an entrepreneur, winning at a career, marriage, family, we all want to have success in all we do. Success, winning, in this particular statement means happiness. However, what if you are self-employed? Entrepreneur. You want to win right?


"Everybody wants to win, not everyone wants to prepare to win." UnKnown

This quote also reminds me of an old Franklin Covey motivational picture I had hanging in my office:

It was a putting green and woods in the background. Footprints in the morning dew on the green. The quote was powerful:

"Everyone dreams of success, while very few wake up and work hard at it!"

If you combine these two quotes, what do they represent? The want for something without the action. Too often as people and our children, we dream and want the good life, success. However, very few people ever take measurable consistent daily action in life to do it! Whether your focus is to be an online Entrepreneur, Blogger, Avon Rep, Executive, Tupperware Sales, EBAY'er, Affiliate Marketer, we feel entitled to success by simply being present, but unwilling to do what it takes on a daily basis to make it happen.

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. Preparation is the plan to winning. Opportunity is seizing each day to commit to the things to create success. If you are not working your passion, business, career, family every day you have lost. The work, plan, sacrifice, preparation, luck, whatever phrase it is the here and now in work. If you want it, go out and work for it, it is that simple.