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It's Time to Climb Your Mountain

I was driving with my 2 children when, out of nowhere, my daughter asked me if we can climb that mountain that we were driving towards.  There are a lot of mountains around us, but she was fixated on this one particular mountain.  I said "that is a big mountain, do you think we can climb it?"  Without hesitating, she said "of course we can, we just need to take one step at a time."

This made me think of our own lives' mountains.  How many of us give up climbing our mountain before we even begin?  Of course, I am using a mountain as an analogy for our goals or dreams.  We think about how great it would be to climb to the top of our mountain, but most people do not act upon their thought.  Then a dream or goal is just that, a thought. Unfortunately, adults talk themselves out of their dreams or find excuses on why it cannot be done.


You cannot stand at the bottom of a mountain and just stare at the top; you must take one step at a time until you reach the top.  A goal will always just be a thought, unless you take action.  Imagine the feeling of accomplishing your dream; the feeling you will have standing at the top of your mountain and saying "I Did It."  Begin today, take your first step and keep going until you reach the Top!