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Problems: Everyone Has Them!

 Problems Everyone has Them.  However, how you win and succeed in spite of your problems is............


Is it one of those weeks or maybe even months where it seems like everything is going wrong? The car needs repaired, the pool pump stopped working, and your toilet is leaking nonstop. You think to yourself why does this only happen to me? It may feel like you are in the middle of the desert island named problems all by yourself and you have a rain cloud following you, but guess what you are not alone. You are not the only one with problems, although it may seem like it at the moment.

Everyone has problems, their problems just may be on a different level or not happening at the same time as when you are experiencing an avalanche of problems. So as you are dealing with your problems, you cannot put that in your mind that you are the only one with problems. This does not make the situation any easier, it just makes you angry and bitter.

It is like the people who compare their lives to other people’s lives. They will say so & so has the perfect life. I don’t want to burst your bubble, but no one truly has a perfect life. Those people just do not advertise their problems, they deal with them and move on. That is the best way to deal with a problem, figure out a solution and move on. Every problem has a solution, you just need a clear mind and positive outlook to figure out the solution. Don’t waste time with the negativity side of the problem, focus on how to solve the problem.