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Goal Setting: Be SMART When Planning Your Goals


A lot of people, when setting goals for themselves, set unrealistic goals or goals that are just too difficult to reach in their set time frame. For example, lose 40 lbs. in a month. You can lose weight, but you need to set a realistic goal with a plan. Like, incorporate healthier eating habits and exercise into your day while aiming to lose 10lbs this month. Now you have a realistic goal in the number of pounds then you have set a plan on how you will achieve this goal. It is easy to say what you want to do; but in order to achieve your goal, you need to have a plan that will lead you to success in achieving your goal.

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How to Balance Your Career & Family


This is a subject that many women struggle with on a daily basis, how do you balance your career and family? Many people think that this is impossible to have your career and be a mother. You do not need to be super women in order to have your career and still spend quality time with your family. All you need to do is plan your days and schedule to have the balance needed between your career and family. Also you can make some small changes in your daily routine. Here are some tips for balancing work and family:

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Time Management Tips


Have you ever said to yourself, "There is never enough time in the day?" or "I wish there was more of me to go around?" You are not alone. In fact, time management especially in the day in age we work is a difficult task. From Busy Executive, Entrepreneur, Manager, Mom, to College Student, time is a commodity we wish we had more access to. 

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Hectic Days: How to Survive the Day

We have all been there, those days that nothing seems to be going the way we planned or we have over scheduled our day. If you have children, then the days you can't quite get them to cooperate with your schedule for the day. What we usually do is try to force the day to go the way we had planned. We become tense, frustrated, and feel totally overwhelmed thinking about everything we have to do. Believe it or not, you can change the course of the day and get everything or everyone back on track by doing one thing: Recognize the Day!

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