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How to Balance Your Career & Family


This is a subject that many women struggle with on a daily basis, how do you balance your career and family? Many people think that this is impossible to have your career and be a mother. You do not need to be super women in order to have your career and still spend quality time with your family. All you need to do is plan your days and schedule to have the balance needed between your career and family. Also you can make some small changes in your daily routine. Here are some tips for balancing work and family:

First you need to realize the important times of your family life, like meal times. You should not jump out of bed, get dressed, and rush off to the office. The first step in balancing work and family is realizing how important it is to start the day with your family. Wake up at least 30 minutes early every morning so you are not rushed and you can enjoy breakfast as a family. You do not need to cook a gourmet breakfast, bagels or waffles will be perfect. This is about the conversation and family time, not what is on the menu.

Dinner is another big part of your family life, this is a time to hear about everyone’s day. Instill the no cell phone or television rule so this is true quality time. Once you sit down at the dinner table, put your work behind you. Remember this is about balancing work and family; now is family time.

You must do things as a family. Meaning have a Friday night pizza/movie night or game night. Plan something fun on Saturday, go hiking as a family or bowling anything your family enjoys doing. The key is to having family time together, a little fun together goes a long way.

Do the little things. They may seem small or silly to you, but will mean the world to your spouse and children. Call your spouse during the day just to say I love you then once your children are home from school call and see how their day was. That 5 – 10 minute call will mean the world to your family.

In order to effectively balance your career and family, you must utilize time management. You will need to have one calendar that lists work and family obligations. Scheduling your priorities will keep you from feeling pulled in multiple directions at once. Also, it will prevent you from missing an important meeting or appointment. If you have a deadline for work approaching, schedule a late night this way your family knows what to expect. It is all about communication so everyone is on the same page at all times. Keep in mind though in order to keep the balance between your career and family, you do not want to have too many late nights. If you are finished at 5:00pm then start wrapping up at 4:30pm to give yourself the last half hour to reply to emails, file paperwork, etc. Check your calendar for the next day and make your to do list. This way your 5:00 does not turn into 6:00.

Balancing work and family does not have to be difficult or overwhelming with the right planning, you can have your career and family. Plus you can enjoy having both without becoming overly stressed. Take some time, at the beginning of each week, to organize your week and prioritize your days. As women we can have our career and family, nothing is impossible.