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3 Must-Haves for Attaining your Goals as a Mompreneur

Do you feel like a hamster in the wheel of unattainable personal goals?  There are big strategic business goals that you work toward with your team.  There are every-day urgent matters that you resolve.  And then there are your own goals that get left by the wayside week over week and month over month because while you think you know what you want, you aren’t exactly sure how to get it.  

You can reach your goals, but you must create a real, strategic plan around goal-setting, goal-planning, and support system creation that makes the process more attainable for you.


Below are the absolute “must haves” for attaining your goals.


#1 You must have a CLEAR GOAL


You’d be surprised how many people think they have a goal but have never taken time to clearly define or document what that goal is! Without defining the specific goal, it becomes a vague notion. I want to be “healthier” could mean eating better, losing weight, or exercising more, but what’s the quantifiable metric you want to achieve and by when? I want to be “more successful” can encompass a range of things from making more money to expanding the size of your team or your product line. So, what exactly does success mean to you and when do you want to feel like you’ve made it to the next level?  


It’s imperative that you sit down and think about exactly what it is you want to attain. Use descriptors like frequency, how much, by when.  


Vague:  I want to be in more stores.

Specific: I want our goods to be featured in 10 stores by the end of next year.


Vague: I want to feel healthier.

Specific: I want to lose 20 lbs by my high school reunion next year.


Vague:: I want to spend more time with my kids.

Specific: I want to have family dinners at least four nights each week.


Figure out exactly what you want your goal to be, then WRITE IT DOWN. This is the part that keeps you focused and accountable.


**Bonus Tip: Keep this goal somewhere you can see it, like at the top of your calendar or on a post-it at your desk. The reminder keeps it top of mind for you.  


#2 You must have a  PLAN TO ACHIEVE THE GOAL


A wise man once said “a goal without a plan is nothing more than a wish.” So make a plan for how you are going to achieve that goal. You are the driving force behind your success.


Let’s revisit that health goal. If your goal is to lose 20 lbs by your high school reunion next year, that’s a big goal that could seem far away and make your daily workouts seem less urgent.  


Create a series of subgoals such as “lose 2 pounds every month” so that you know whether you are on track or not and when you need to step up your game.  You’ll also need to establish what it takes to lose those 2 lbs. Does this require buying different foods? Should you prep food for the week on Sunday night? How often are you going to work out? How can you find time in your schedule to do this while running a successful business?  All of these things should be documented and reviewed frequently to make sure you are staying on track.  


**Bonus Tip: Put workouts on your calendar. Something always comes up that feels more important than the gym or your run. Put the workout, post-workout clean up, and any related commute in your calendar. Then treat that whole time period like a business meeting you must keep.  Trust me, these workouts will also make you perform better for your business and have more energy for your family, so it’s a win-win for everyone.  


#3 You MUST HAVE a way to engage other people in helping you achieve your goal.


Once you’ve documented and defined your goals and made a plan for how you are going to get there, now it is time to share and discuss to make them a win-win for the people in your lives.


As working moms, this can be the goal we have the hardest time with, because we are so used to shouldering the burden and responsibility for so many things in our lives without asking for help.


Think back to having your luxury goods featured in 10 stores: Have you shared this goal with your team? Do you know which stores you are targeting, what their seasons are like, who does the buying and when they are taking meetings and reviewing inventory? Who (on your team or in the industry) can help you to get that information and make it work for you?


**Bonus Tip: Colleagues aren’t the only ones who can help you achieve a work goal and family/friends aren’t the only ones who can help you achieve your personal goals. For instance, your partner or support system should know exactly what your work goals are and how to support you both logistically and emotionally during this time.  Your team could also help you get finished with work in time for the family dinner goal and ensure they don’t disturb you during that time.  It may even inspire them to do the same with their family.  


This is incredible important for mompreneurs! The flexibility having your own business provides--often working from home, working non-traditional hours--can also lead our business to bleed into our family life and vice versa, so get support from both places!


How will I make the Time?

Although the Three Must-Haves seem fairly easy to follow, most people still let their personal goals slip. It’s hard to juggle a business with a family, and make time to work on establishing and planning personal goal attainment.


Even when they pencil it in their calendar, for most people that “goal planning” appointment they set with themselves gets pushed out week over week and month over month because there’s not another person holding them accountable.  And when they do sit down to document and plan for goal attainment, they often find themselves frustrated with a blank piece of paper and no one to help them ensure the goals are clear, measurable, broken down into achievable steps, and time-driven.  


Don’t let this happen to you!  Let me hold you accountable.  Let me help guide you through the goal establishment process.  Let me make sure you break down your plan in attainable steps over time.  Let me make sure you’ve created ways to propose these goals as win-wins to everyone around you so that you can get what you have been wanting for so long!  


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Until then, reach for the stars! -Suz O’Donnell,  Founder of Thrivatize LLC