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Work-Life Balance?!?

There may be days where it seems that it is impossible to have any type of balance between your work life and family life. But....


With our busy schedules, striking a balance can be challenging. Below are 5 steps to help you achieve the balance that you need in your work and family life so you can enjoy both with less stress.

1. Before anything else, you need to prioritize your priorities. Yes we have to work and we need to get the kids to school, but how about some of the other things that we have on our list of to do’s? Now is the time to sit down and figure out what we want to do the most, this is not what you think needs to be done. This is focusing on what you WANT your priorities to be. Sit down and make a list, try to keep it to no more than 5 so you do not become overwhelmed.

2. Don’t Multi-Task Work/Family! Meaning leave work at work when it is time for the family. Whatever is going on at the office, leave at the office once you get in the car it starts your personal time. Bringing work home with you will only cause unnecessary stress. Also when you are at work just concentrate on work, not on anything personally. If you had an argument with your significant other, leave it at home and deal with it once you leave work. You cannot focus on two things at one time, just focus on the moment. This can be especially difficult to do when you work from home, it is hard to shut down the computer and at times your mind from work. The best thing to do is if you work from home, treat it as if you are at the office; you need to clock out of the office for the day. Don’t forget to add time to do the things you enjoy doing; whether it is meeting a friend for dinner or catching a movie with your significant other; you have to schedule time for the things you enjoy and let yourself unwind from the week.

3. Delegate! Sometimes we act as super women where we are the only ones who can do it, well that may be the case for some things, but other things we should be delegating to others. When we don’t delegate things, this adds unnecessary stress to ourselves. Try this for 2 weeks:

  • Log how you spend your time each day, noting how much time you spend on each task.
  • After you do this for 2 weeks, go through each day and note how much time was wasted on things that you could of delegated or really wasn’t that important to begin with.
  • Next, you need to delegate your time wasters and/or remove items from your day that really are not that important to your priorities in point number 1.

4. Make Time for Yourself. If you do not take care of yourself then you will never achieve work/life balance. You need to get an adequate amount of sleep, eat properly not skipping meals, and exercise a few times a week. You may be thinking now you are adding to my list of to do’s with exercise, but you will feel so much better and have much more energy.  If you have children, pick a gym that has a kid’s club so they can play and you can work out peacefully for an hour. If you cannot go to a gym, then designate a workout time that everyone understands that you will be unavailable for that hour and throw in a workout video. One of my favorite fitness classes is Zumba. You will find yourself being more energized and overall happier. 

5. Have Boundaries. With technology surrounding us everywhere we go, it is very easy to stay connected even when we shouldn’t. What I mean is if you are somewhere with your children or spouse stay off your phone, no texting, no posting to Facebook, etc. Keep this as their time, it is very easy to say I am going to just check my email next thing you know you are working during your family time. It is time to turn off your cell phone and enjoy them. The same goes for when it is time for you to work, ask your family to only call or text you if it is an emergency. Set a time during the day to check in at home to say hi to your spouse and children. If you work from home, let your family know that when you are in your office that it is your work time and to only interrupt if it is an emergency. This will make you happier and more productive, plus you will really be able to relax to enjoy some quality family time.

You can achieve balance between your work and family life, you just need to prioritize and have a routine that fits your schedule and priorities. The above examples are easy adjustments that if you follow will help you obtain the balance you are looking for when it comes to work and your personal life. There are many other ways to achieve work/life balance, leave a comment below on how you achieve work/life balance!