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How to Be Productive Every Day

We all want to be productive. Whether we are a busy entrepreneur, executive, employee, or manager of our household. We need to have optimum production on a daily basis. Be productive sounds simple, however, most do not achieve all they want in a day. Why?

They are not following a basic simple system that will allow them to be proactive on all cylinders. Here is the ultimate guide to being productive:


1. Preparation. Be prepared for the day. Most days will throw more on our "to do" list. If we do not prepare for the musts to be done, our day will take left and right turns. Turning the best laid plans into total chaos. Prepare the night before the list of what must be done in order of importance. Do not let the new day "to do's" throw you off track.


2. Prioritize. Not all items that need to be done, are created equal. Make the priorities, priorities. Don't let small items supersede your time and attention. If it is urgent, get that done first. Then turn your mental energy and action to everything else. If you let the big items loom over your head, it will be pressing you in other areas and less will be accomplished.


3. Sleep. Sound simple? Sure. Rest though it is the greatest of all chargers in getting things done. Your mind, body, and spirit need to be revived. Not coffee and caffeine. However, through the power of a good night’s rest.


4. Food. Sugar, soda, coffees, and fast food will NEVER do the trick. Our body is a well-tuned system that needs to be fed with food that will empower us through the day. Sustainable energy, not cheap energy that brings us up and down. Give your machine, your body and mind all that needs to have the ultimate in productivity.


5. Breaks. Production does not mean marathon!! It means, getting things done. However, we as people are not conditioned to work and act as machines. Our body and mind needs breaks and intermissions. When we go on overload, our production drops. Take a moment, to take a moment, you will exceed all levels of a productive day.


6. Tools. Technology is an amazing thing so use it!! Now, don't be distracted by it. Use tools and apps for optimum efficiency and organization. It will keep you focused, motivated, and on track. However, never allow yourself to get side tracked by all the things we can do with technology. It can make life easier, but it can also take hours away from production.


Fact is we all want productive days. However, too often we let life get in the way of production. We forget the little things, tools that will make us work, live, and perform at an optimum level. Institute this system and you will begin to see your production skyrocket. Don't miss a step, each element in the system carries massive importance. Once you commit to this system, you will, feel, and have production that you never thought possible.