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How to Fit Exercise into Your Day

With so many different things that need to be done during the day between work, kids, errands, whatever else that consumes our day; we can’t get everything done and something is usually put on the back burner.  Typically it is exercising, either we are exhausted at the end of the day or we simply run out of time.  Not to mention, for most of us, there are so many other things that we would rather do that exercise falls to the bottom of the priority list. 


We all know the importance of exercising, so how do you exercise if you do not have time to go to the gym or do a 30 minute exercise video?  There are ways that you can easily add exercise to your day.  Actually it is fairly simple to add productive exercises to your day.  Adding activity or movements throughout your day can add up to a workout.

There are various ways and times of the day that you can squeeze in exercises.  Below are a few examples:

Squats are great for a quick workout, try doing 2- 3 sets while brushing your teeth.  Take advantage of this time, you should be standing there for 2 minutes anyway so why not add some movement.  This is a great way to start your day.

While you are cooking dinner, do some push - ups using the countertop.  Put your hands on the counter, take a few steps back and do a push – up, well more like a half push-up with the same effect.  Each time you have to stir your dinner or need to check on dinner, stop and do a few push - ups.  Do as many as you can trying to increase 1 each day.

Another good exercise, while you are in the kitchen, is arm curls.  Grab 2 cans and do sets of arm curls while your meal is cooking.

Cleaning up after dinner, rinsing dishes to put in the dishwasher or washing dishes by hand?  This is a good time to do calf raises. 

Why take the elevator when you can get some exercise by taking the stairs.

How many times do you circle the parking lot searching for the closest parking space?  Instead of driving around looking for the closest parking space; find the farthest parking space so you can get some extra steps into your day.  Imagine if you do this everywhere you go in a day, you can easily burn extra calories.

At home chatting on the phone, why sit and talk when you can walk around the house going upstairs and downstairs as long as you are on the phone.  This is a good way to get extra walking into your day.

On to watching TV, this is a good time to get some movement going.  Every commercial do an exercise like jumping jacks, lunges, or sit ups.  You can alternate the exercise for each commercial, this can be a great workout without missing your favorite show.

Have Kids?  Run around and play with them, after about 20 minutes of running outside with them you will have a good workout.  If you can’t go outside, find fun ways with the kids to exercise.  This helps you get a workout in, plus teaches them that exercising can be fun.  Children are never too young to learn about exercising.

Being clever and thinking past the gym, you will be able to get your workout in.  When we let ourselves use excuses as to why we can’t exercise that is when weeks go by without exercising.  Try these few ideas and add some of your own, exercise can be a fun challenge.