Save Money with Ibotta

Have you heard of Ibotta?  Ibotta is a great money saving app for groceries, clothes, restaurants., and much more. 

What is Ibotta exactly?

Ibotta is an app that you download on your smartphone and you receive cash back on your purchases. Simply put, it is paperless coupons.  The difference between using coupons and Ibotta is that you don’t have to cut anything out and hand coupons to the cashier, instead you scan the item and your receipt using your smartphone and receive money back. You can go to the website also and see the offers.

You can save money twice if you choose to use paper coupons in addition to Ibotta.  Since you can use both, you can really save on your purchases.  Using Ibotta by itself can save you money also. It is fairly simple and only takes a few minutes to get cash back. Here are the steps:

  1. Look through the Ibotta app to find products that you want to buy, this is so you can receive money back from your purchase.


  1. View the list of stores that are pre-approved stores in their network and purchase your products from the store that has your products listed. You will want to unlock the products you will be using.


***There is a huge list of stores that they cover, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a store in their network to make your purchases. Example of stores:  Walmart, Target, CVS, Various Grocery Stores, Jet, Jo-Ann, Best Buy, plus so many more.


  1. Once you purchase your products, if you haven’t unlocked the products you will want to do that first. If your products are unlocked already, you just need to scan the barcode of each product and scan your receipt.  Each product amount will be added to your account balance. Once your account on Ibotta reaches $20, you receive your money directly through your Paypal account.


It really is that simple to save money without spending hours searching for and clipping coupons.  If you want to save money when shopping, give Ibotta a try! Click Here to go to Ibotta.