career tips

  • "How To" Transform Your Resume in 14 Minutes!

    You can transform your resume instantly, but first you must know what your resume really is about. It is all about marketing, marketing your skills properly to a hiring manager. The person that puts together the best possible marketing campaign wins in job searches!  

  • Mystery Shopping: Can you Make Money?

    You will see ads make money mystery shopping, so begs the questions:

    1. What is Mystery Shopping?
    2. Can you make real income with mystery shopping?

    Let’s start with the first question, what is mystery shopping? Mystery shopping is when you go to a place of business like a retail store, bank, restaurant, as a few main examples, also this can entail calling a place of business to inquire about their establishment, like apartments. In a retail store, you may need to make a purchase to rate the sales associate, for a bank you may need to inquire about opening an account to rate the type of service that you received. At a restaurant, you will rate the service and your overall experience. With apartments, you may need to call and visit the apartment complex to be able to rate your entire experience from the initial phone call to the tour of the apartment complex. How does this work?

  • Want to Get a Job? Think Like a Marketing Company!

    Whether you want to admit it or not, marketing and advertising works! In fact the old saying: "Advertising is not a science, it is an art, the art of persuasion." There has never been a more true statement, especially in getting a job. Marketing and Advertising Companies everyday are persuading us to buy their product or service. It works, think about it: