• Using Facebook for Your Job Search

    People use Facebook to connect with friends, family, and acquaintances; so why not use Facebook for your job search? Yes I am talking about Facebook where you share photos, recipes,
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  • What is a Video Interview?

    If you have noticed, the hiring process has changed drastically from 10 – 15 years ago. This includes the interview process, years ago it was a typical phone or in person
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  • 5 Tips to Change the Direction of Your Job Search

    Do you know where to look for a job? Online job boards, LinkedIn, or Job Fairs? Do you keep doing Google search after search without finding a job in your
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  • In a Career Rut?

    Do you feel like you are in a rut with your current job? Need/want to make more money? Feel overworked and underappreciated? There are a lot of people who are
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Expand Your 30 Mile Radius for Job Searches!


For many job seekers, especially those actively seeking new employment, the number one reason they are looking for a new job: Money! However, would you like to take a guess what is a very, very, very close second? The commute! Talk to anyone, whether they live in a large city or a rural area, their commute to and from work in relation to time and miles simply drives people crazy. In addition, those looking for work, will say "WOW what a great job just too far from home, it doesn't make sense." These commutes or potential commutes take away from the love of the job, maybe the upside in pay, productivity, time away from home or family, and more unwanted stress in life.

Most job seekers have such a limited job search due to demographics, where they live. So it begs the question, "Why limit yourself?" Why wouldn't you or couldn't you live 1000 or 2000 miles away from the office?


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How to Balance Your Career & Family


This is a subject that many women struggle with on a daily basis, how do you balance your career and family? Many people think that this is impossible to have your career and be a mother. You do not need to be super women in order to have your career and still spend quality time with your family. All you need to do is plan your days and schedule to have the balance needed between your career and family. Also you can make some small changes in your daily routine. Here are some tips for balancing work and family:

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The Power of a Part-Time Job!


One of the most difficult aspects that most families struggle with is the ability to save money. In some cases as stay at home moms, we want the ability to contribute financially. However, the most important responsibility you have chosen is to stay home and raise your family. No doubt about it, this is the number one objective. In looking at other options to help the family financially it seems near impossible to juggle the kid’s schedule, costs of day care, or wanting to be gone from your home full-time. The truth is, you can have it all.

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Are You The "6 Second" Hire?




There are many studies that are conducted about the behaviors of employers, hiring managers, and job seekers. One that stuck out was conducted by the Ladders employment website. They conducted an "eye-tracking" study that pinpoints 6 seconds as the average time hiring managers and recruiters spend looking at a resume to determine if they are a fit. Amazing, if you truly think about. It all comes done to a few basic elements.

In the process of the 6 second hire, it is not so much that you will be hired, it is about getting this person's attention for the next 60 seconds and 60 seconds after that. The NO will come in 6 seconds. I want you to think of this process as how the TV is worked in your home:

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