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Are You The "6 Second" Hire?




There are many studies that are conducted about the behaviors of employers, hiring managers, and job seekers. One that stuck out was conducted by the Ladders employment website. They conducted an "eye-tracking" study that pinpoints 6 seconds as the average time hiring managers and recruiters spend looking at a resume to determine if they are a fit. Amazing, if you truly think about. It all comes done to a few basic elements.

In the process of the 6 second hire, it is not so much that you will be hired, it is about getting this person's attention for the next 60 seconds and 60 seconds after that. The NO will come in 6 seconds. I want you to think of this process as how the TV is worked in your home:

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Is Your Resume a Marketing Tool?


Here is a very important concept for all job seekers to understand. If you can get this concept, your job search will become an instant success. So let me ask you the question: "What is your resume?" Now a lot of people will have different answers for this question:

- Biographical Summary

- Chronological Summary

- Job Experience - Work History

- Data Sheet

- Extension of an Application

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The Power of Telling a Story


Nothing can convey a message like a story. All things are a sales process in some respects, and those that can tell the best story wins. Now don't misconstrue what I am saying. Telling a story is about telling a real actual story, not making something up out of thin air. The power of a resume, cover letter, video cover letter, phone interview, and interview is the ability to tell great stories.

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Show Them Who You Are



Often as job seekers, we try to neatly and perfectly try to package ourselves to how we think an employer may see us. The fact is this and it is two things. If you master these two things you will have success. Ready: