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Career tips for college women

The one thing I fear as an adult is to wake up every morning knowing that I will hate what I do. I fear the thought of knowing deep down in my heart after working a 40 hour week and receiving X amount of dollars, that the money is the ONLY reason I am there. Having a career that is passion driven in opposed to choosing a career based on superficial influences is very important. If you’re at the crossroads of choosing a career, consider these benefits of choosing one that is passion driven.

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Avoid These Words on Your Resume!


Now, it goes without saying that at all costs we need to avoid the use of clichés. They just simply provide no value to your resume, cover letter, video cover letter, resume blog or interview. In fact, most people simply cannot stand cliché ridden sentences. However, there is and has been an additional trend of terms being used on resumes, cover letters, video cover letters, resume blogs, and interviews. They are called: Personal Traits!

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The Purpose Driven Resume



To many this title may sound familiar. The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren was a wildly popular series of books that inspired a nation. However, I didn't want to take advantage of the title, but put a different spin on it, the Purpose Driven Resume.

I see many resumes, cover letters, and information come across my desk. Often I am left with the same conclusion, "What is the Purpose of the Resume?"  The Purpose Driven Resume is all about marketing!

Your resume is 1B as far as the most powerful marketing tool you will have in landing the job you want and the job you need. This advice is not for mid-level managers and above. In fact the most ferocious job market there is, are for the rest of the positions. The 2,000,000+ jobs that come available on a yearly basis. The competition to be seen and heard is unrelenting. Your resume and the marketing components of it need to be effective. This employment industry is the most uber-competitive industry that people are in, and they need to be equipped for success.

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Beware of the Group Interview!


Fact, multi-national firms, global Fortune 1000 and Fortune 500 companies more and more are employing the group dynamic in interviewing.  They are employing this especially in management and above positions.  The theory:

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