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Avoid These Words on Your Resume!


Now, it goes without saying that at all costs we need to avoid the use of clichés. They just simply provide no value to your resume, cover letter, video cover letter, resume blog or interview. In fact most people simply cannot stand cliché ridden sentences. However, there is and has been an additional trend of terms being used on resumes, cover letters, video cover letters, resume blogs, and interviews. They are called: Personal Traits!

A trait by definition is something that we think we hold or someone else holds. A personality trait as an example. Beauty trait. What beauty is for one, is not necessarily beauty for another. That is why subjective traits ruin an otherwise good resume or cover letter. Here are a few:

"Leadership Skills - Team Player - Creative Thinker - Innovator - Creative - Outgoing." This is just to name a very small few.

People's assessments of themselves are usually wrong. We see ourselves one way, but come off completely different to others. Since these traits are subjective, they are simply ignored by hiring managers. They carry no weight or value on your resume. In lieu of anything subjective, try the facts. As Joe Friday would say on Dragnet; "Just the Facts Ma'am."

Facts or accomplishments are what hiring managers are looking for in candidates. So instead of using subjective terms try these facts as Emotionally Intelligent Words:

"Lead a Sales Team of 15 to 120% of goal Annually (shows leadership skills) - Created an entirely online logistical process for disbursement of inventory (shows your creative and innovative side)"

Above are facts, not subjective and indisputable. That is the key. In lieu of saying you are a leader give them a real and substantial example of your leadership skills. It goes much further, means more, and provides tremendous value to the hiring manager and your sales presentation to them.  Review your resume, if it is subjective, remove it. Replace with facts and accomplishments and start getting the responses you want in your job search.

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