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Are You The "6 Second" Hire?




There are many studies that are conducted about the behaviors of employers, hiring managers, and job seekers. One that stuck out was conducted by the Ladders employment website. They conducted an "eye-tracking" study that pinpoints 6 seconds as the average time hiring managers and recruiters spend looking at a resume to determine if they are a fit. Amazing, if you truly think about. It all comes done to a few basic elements.

In the process of the 6 second hire, it is not so much that you will be hired, it is about getting this person's attention for the next 60 seconds and 60 seconds after that. The NO will come in 6 seconds. I want you to think of this process as how the TV is worked in your home:

"Whoever wins the battle of the eternal struggle of the remote control; you will find that people have certain yes/no criteria in finding what to watch on TV. Now for some, they will stop to see what the program is all about. You’re going too fast. However, it is this sort of behavior that is being used in resume evaluation. It is that 6 seconds or less of NO. However, if we are intrigued by whatever it is we make another evaluation, then another evaluation, than we may stay on that station for that program. Your resume is NO different."

To draw another correlation, think about the time you spend on a "new" website. A link we clicked on or was browsing from one site to the next. We quickly make the same decision if we want to stay on the site. That is why most website owners care very much about what they call "bounce rate." That is the amount of times someone clicks on a website and immediately hits the backspace or "X's" out completely. So what is the bounce rate of your resume? You may be shocked at the results.

In this fast paced and uber-competitive world of job searches, employment, careers, and jobs every detail and in this case ever second matters. You have to eliminate that bounce rate. You have to make it to the next evaluation point. To do so you have to provide something that is special and unique:


  • Video Cover Letter: There is a growing trend amongst job seekers and employers that the Video Cover Letter is the most powerful impression tool available today. In the world of captivating your audience, nothing will leave an impression more than video.


  • Resume Format: Having the proper format, the use of Social Media Exchange and Success Tools on your resume will prove vital in the first and second tier evaluations of resumes. If your resume has the right Emotionally Intelligent Words, Bullet Points, and Design you will get to the next level!


In fact if you combine the top two tiers to your resume and cover letter during the job search, you will have amazing success. So are you a 6 second hire? 


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