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Find a Job on Facebook? Really

Most job seekers think LinkedIn is the only social network that you can find a job, this is not the case. Facebook is more than posting pictures of your children, playing games, and catching up with old friends. There is another side of Facebook, which is Facebook Groups that are city/state specific or industry specific where you can find jobs and possibly connect with recruiters through these employment groups. This is not a job board, but these employment groups contain many job openings.  The question is how do you find these groups and job openings?

Let’s start with the basics, below I will provide step by step instructions on how to find employment groups that will benefit you.

First begin with your city/state, this is the easiest way to find jobs in your area.

  • Once on Facebook, at the top of the page in the search box type your city jobs. For example: Phoenix jobs.


  • Click the search button.


  • This will show you a page that lists pages first then posts from friends. On this page towards the top of the page on the right hand side, click groups.


  • Once you click Groups, all of the employment groups in your city will appear. Scroll down the list and join as many as you like. The more you join, the more chance you have in finding a job.


  • With a lot of the groups, the administrator of the group will need to approve your request. It will show pending until you are approved as a member of the group.


  • If a group is Public then you will still be able to see all of the job postings, you just won’t be able to post anything to the group. If a group is not Public then you will only be able to see the job listings once you are a member of the group.


Here is an example of an employment page for St. Louis job seekers: https://www.facebook.com/groups/StLouisJobBoard


**** If there aren’t that many groups in your city, do a search using your state only.


Next you can try to find employment groups that are industry specific, these can be a little more difficult to find a job in your area. Plus not all industries will have a dedicated employment group.

  • In the search box, type your specific field. For example: Customer Service Jobs.


  • The steps are the same as above to get to Groups and to search.


  • When scrolling down the list of groups that appear, you want to pay closer attention to make sure it is a group that you can benefit from.


Once you become a member of a group, use these steps to help you find a job quicker:

  • Introduce yourself, let the group know the type(s) of positions you are looking for.


  • Scroll through all of the positions, use the links or information provided to apply for a position.


  • If you see a recruiter posting jobs, reply to his/her job posting and ask if they any positions that you are looking for. Just because they didn’t post a job, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.


  • Change your notifications so you are not overwhelmed with notifications every day. You can this right from the Group’s page. On the cover image, on the right hand side, click Notifications. You can choose to receive all posts to the group, highlights or turn off notifications all together. If you turn off notifications all together, check the group’s page at least once a day to see all of the new job openings.


More and more recruiters are using Facebook to post their job openings, plus to find quality candidates. Utilizing the tips above, you can have your new job sooner than what you think. In our next article, we will talk about Facebook profiles and etiquette.