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Skills You Need for a Call Center Job

Do you love talking to people on the phone? Yes, then why not get paid to talk to people on the phone with a call center job?

Most companies today use call centers for their customer service needs, this can be onsite or remote depending on the company.  There are many work at home call center jobs. Call center jobs are not identical, but there are similarities that each company has for their requirements. Here are some of the things you will need to:

  • Enjoy talking to people. With this type of job, you will be talking to people for many hours so you must like being on the phone.


  • Have a good attitude. Customer service is what you will be providing so you will need to be pleasant and energetic.  Have you ever had a horrible customer service experience? It does not leave a good impression about the company when you talk to a rude customer service representative.


  • Have good listening skills. The customer is calling for a reason, so you will need to listen carefully to understand the reason he/she is calling. This also requires a lot of patience.


  • Ability to solve problems. You will need to be able to help solve customer issues when they call in.  You will need to be quick thinking and able to figure out the issue fast.


  • Of course you will need computer experience, this pretty much goes with any work at home job. You don’t have to know how to diagnose a technical problem with the computer, but you will need to understand the basics of the computer, like Windows.

What to Expect:

Hours will be dependent on the company you work for; a lot of call centers are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  This could provide flexibility in your schedule.  Most companies offer part-time and full-time positions.


You will need to treat a work at home call center job the same way you would if you worked at the company’s location.  Meaning, you will need to begin working at your designated start time and following the break schedule that they have set up.  Although you are working at home, you are still an hourly employee who the company expects you to follow their attendance policies.


You will need to have a computer, high speed internet, and some companies require a home phone. 


One bonus is that you can work in the comfort in your own home, no more commute or worrying about having to spend money on work clothes. 


If you enjoy the fast pace environment that a call center job brings and talking to people, then this could be a job for you.  Click here for Call Center Jobs.