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Interview Secret: Tell Them What You're Going to Tell Them!

OK, we could spend the next year talking about the art form that is interviewing.  There are so many components to the process.  However, let's keep it simple.  There is an old adage in writing:

"Tell them what you are going to tell them.  Tell them.  Tell them what you told them!"

Sound simple?  It really is.  However, we have found through study the nervousness that candidates on ALL levels have in the interview process.  Phone is a little less intimidating than in person.  However, this adage holds true in all interviewing scenarios.  The saying above will help you keep your thoughts straight in answers.  When nervous we have a tendency to jump all over the place.  Lose track, now the answer has totally gone sideways.

Imagine, if you were given the scenario in being a Customer Service Manager.  You are asked on how you would deal with a situation.  The best way to answer this is through:


  • Tell them the scenario in broad terms on how the problem would be solved.


  • Tell them by reenacting a specific scenario, role play.


  • Tell them what you told them, this is the reason on why you are the best in dealing with the problem.


Telling someone the same thing three different times, different ways helps you and the person listening.  You have three shots to WOW them.  They have three shots to hear what they need to hear.  PLUS, you will never get lost in the process.  Interviews, resumes, cover letters, and social media: "Tell them what you are going to tell them.  Tell them.  Tell them what you told them!"  Get hired.  You are now an interviewing superstar!


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