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Do you feel like you will never find a job? 5 Tips for a Successful Job Search

The question is how do you change the direction of your job search from the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over again with the same result, to a productive job search that will land you the job?

Below are 5 tips for a better job search:


  1. Expand your job search by utilizing different job titles, companies may use a different job title than what you are searching for. For example, an operations manager is a broad job title with different job duties depending on the type of company that the position is with. In addition, open up your search to different roles. Meaning don’t prejudge a position just by the job title, read the job description. Administrative positions are much more than being a secretary in today’s job market and it is possible for these positions to lead to a long term career position. Human resources is another field that can offer future opportunities.


  1. First Impressions Matter! It is completely different than 10 years ago, a hiring manager can know everything about you in one search on social media; this includes good and not so good things. Keep in mind more and more employers are using social media in the hiring process. Before you even get to the interview, your social media presence can be a deciding factor if you are getting a job offer. When it comes to social media, assume that everything you say will be seen. Keep all of your social media accounts clean, non-opinionated, and free of curse words. Your profile image should be professional, not a selfie in your car.



  1. Use Social Media to Your Advantage. I have seen people firsthand find a job using social media. The key is to explore the jobs that are listed on various social media sites. LinkedIn is a great way to be able to connect with recruiters and hiring managers in your industry. You will want to have a strong LinkedIn profile so you can be found when a recruiter/hiring manager is searching for perspective candidates. In addition, connect with HR personnel with companies that you would like to work for.  Facebook cannot be forgotten when you are searching for a job. There are 100’s, if not more, job groups that recruiters and others are posting job openings. Of course, you need to join the groups that pertain to your industry or city/state so you are not wasting time. In addition, on LinkedIn, Facebook, & Twitter connect with companies or follow so that you are up to date with new job openings. Not all job openings are posted on job boards, don’t overlook the power of social media in your job search.


  1. Network, Network, Network. You are going to network through social media, but don’t forget to network with people you know. Connections can easily open or close doors for you, be the person that people think of when a job opening comes available with their company. It is okay to let family & friends know that you are looking for a new job, you never know who they know.


  1. Being Realistic will help your job search. You need to apply for jobs that your skills and experience are a match for. You may think you are ready for a more demanding position, but your experience has to relate to the qualifications of a job. It is great to want to climb the career ladder, but you will need to work towards those opportunities. You do not want to sell skills to a perspective employer that you really don’t have. This is a risk that you don’t want to take as you will be back to being unemployed.


Job searching can be frustrating at times, but using the 5 tips above should help you make your job search less challenging. If you are tired of the grind in looking for a job, click here for help in finding a job.