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What is a Video Interview?

If you have noticed, the hiring process has changed drastically from 10 – 15 years ago.  This includes the interview process, years ago it was a typical phone or in person interview.  Today video interviews are very common and have become an important stage of the hiring process. 

With the number of applicants companies receive for 1 job opening, no wonder more companies are starting to use video interviews to screen job candidates. In addition, video interviews save time and costs for companies.

Video Job Interviews are being done across all fields and positions, it is not just for tech jobs or management level positions.  Don’t be surprised if you are asked to complete an online video interview, this will become more and more common amongst employers.  There are a few reasons employers conduct video job interviews:

  • Each person is asked the same exact interview questions.


  • Just like in person interviews, questions are specific to the job that you applied to.


  • Recruiters/hiring managers are able to compare job candidates without having to remember each interview or rely on the notes that they took during the interview.


  • It makes the hiring process easier for hiring managers to narrow down the top job candidates.


A video interview can work for you, the job candidate, also.  I always preached that all job candidates should do video, whether a video cover letter or resume.  Why? Because video can make you stand out as the ideal hire if done properly. With a video job interview, it is just as effective as an in person interview with the hiring manager; which an in- person interview will probably be a final step.  Companies typically use the video interview as part of the hiring process.

Whether you are redirected to a video interview once you apply for a position or you are scheduled for a video interview, you must be prepared.  Typically, you will be given a particular day/time that you will need to complete your video interview, along with a link to go to. 

You must remember that this is a real interview, just like an in-person interview.  Hiring managers will be making decisions whether or not to move forward with you as a job candidate based on this interview. This is a very important step in the hiring process.

I recommend practicing before your video interview, this is the best way to be prepared especially since you only have one chance at any interview. Just like an in-person interview, there are not any retakes with a video job interview.