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5 Tips to Change the Direction of Your Job Search

Do you know where to look for a job?  Online job boards, LinkedIn, or Job Fairs? Do you keep doing Google search after search without finding a job in your field?

If so, it is time to change the direction of your job search. Below are 5 tips in finding the job you are looking for:

  1. Stop going from job board to job board and expecting a different result. You need to know what you are looking for, meaning what are you searching for on the job boards. Yes, I know you are looking for a position that you are qualified for; but it is more than that. Job titles can be different for each company so you need to take a close look at job titles and the job descriptions. You can’t overlook a position because of the job title, especially if it is appearing from your search results. There is no rule that says companies have to use the same job titles for the same or similar positions, in addition through the years job titles have changed for some positions. Plus some positions encompass more than one job, so the responsibilities are combined for both job functions. By overlooking a position due to the job title, you can be missing a great career opportunity.


  1. How do you search for a job on Google? It does matter how you choose keywords and the phrases you use. If you are looking for a particular position, try searching for companies in your area instead of just searching for positions. Your search will become more productive and less frustrating.


  1. Are you using social media correctly as a job seeker? Believe it or not, social media is a powerful platform that can land you your next job. I have seen people find jobs on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter so it is not far-fetched. You need to have a social media strategy on how to use social media effectively and efficiently. Before you begin reaching out to hiring managers and recruiters, make sure your profiles are job seeker ready; meaning all profiles are professional and nothing inappropriate is in your profile or posts. This includes using a professional photo. Next follow companies to keep up to date with their openings, a lot of companies add their job postings to their social media accounts. Then you will want to post information, articles, etc. that is associated to your career so you appear to be knowledgeable in your field.


  1. Are you Networking? If you are unemployed then finding a job becomes your full time job, you have the time so you should be networking. Using social media is networking, but how about people you know in your community? Have you spoke with family, friends, or previous co-workers to let them know that you are looking for a position? You never know whose company may be hiring for a position you are qualified for. It is all about networking.


  1. Last are you staying up to date on job fairs? Job fairs are a great way to find many companies hiring in one place. If you are going to a job fair, you will want to dress as if you are going on an interview. You have 1 chance to impress, make the most of it.

Job hunting can become frustrating and tiring at times; follow the tips above and these should pave the way to a smoother road to job searching success.

If you need help with your job search, start here.