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Honing Your Elevator Speech!

Have you ever heard the expression honing your elevator speech?  The basic concept behind it is simple. 


If you met someone on an elevator and had 60 seconds or less to pitch them on an idea, could you?  Would you?  Let's turn this to the practical of employment.  Do you have the ability to present how you are and what you do to an employer in seconds?  You should.

Employment, like dating, friendships, and business meeting often come down to first impressions.  Impressions aside for a moment, it comes down to the first seconds.  Whether this be in an email, phone interview, or face to face interview.  Those first moments are crucial to your success.  In being human we are either drawn to or away from things based on how we feel within seconds.  In fact most websites that is why they track "bounce rate."  Bounce rate is how long a person stays on a website, less than 60 seconds, is considered a failure.  Well I am here to tell you if an interviewer is not focused on you for longer than 60 seconds, yes it is a failure.

Your elevator speech will provide all the crucial information an employer needs.  In fact from personal experience I can tell you that I have had employers give me a "WOW" within the first sixty seconds.  Why?  Feature, Benefit, Emotional Tie-In and stop.  People stop listening after a certain point, so a "War & Peace" elevator speech isn't going to work.  The elevator speech should be designed to answer the following questions from an employer:

  1. Tell me one thing that separates you from everyone else?
  2. Tell me the one thing that you want me to remember about you?
  3. Tell me why you think you are right for this position and company?

These three questions often bring out the "UMM's" and "Yeah But's".  These phrases often show we are not properly prepared to sell yourself, to display who we are and what we can do.  If you have your elevator speech, you will NEVER be caught off guard.  In fact, your elevator speech in 60 seconds is amazing for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Job Fairs, and yes if you are on an elevator and you meet a potential employer, why not give them your speech you just never know!

Be prepared, be ready, be better, be on time, be the desire hire, be your elevator speech.  You have 60 seconds make it worth your while.