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Beware of the Group Interview!


Fact, multi-national firms, global Fortune 1000 and Fortune 500 companies more and more are employing the group dynamic in interviewing.  They are employing this especially in management and above positions.  The theory:


"Weed out those that are most insecure of themselves!"


This practice is critical for you to identify immediately, it will work something like this:


"The company will put together applicants in various groups on rotation to see how they work and interact together.  Hypothetical problems, scenarios that must be solved.  Now the company does NOT care about the result!  It is the one thing they want to find out about you."


When the group dynamics are completed, they will ask you who you would hire for the position.  They want to determine if you will choose the strongest candidate or the weakest candidate.  Most choose whom?  The weakest?  YES, why?  Simple, people think they have a better chance at the job.  The truth is though, if they chose the strongest?  They would have been hired.  Why?  See a manager must be strong in their abilities.  In picking people that are winners, leaders, and not worried about another's strengths.  Putting the company before personal ambitions.


The group interview determines a great deal about you as a leader and WILL determine your ultimate hire.  Be ready and be prepared to be a leader and a manager in these group interviews!