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Life Coaching Tips for Developing a Good Relationship with Your Boss


When it comes to enjoying some peace of mind in the workplace, it somehow boils down to one fact – a happy life at work is possible when you have a happy boss. It isn’t as simple as it sounds, though, because you hardly have any control over who’s going to be your boss.

So, is there really anything you can do to win the respect and affection of your manager? The answer is ‘yes’. There are a couple things you can do to enhance your professional relationship with your boss.


Know what is important to your boss.

In most cases, employees make decisions based on what they think is necessary. There is nothing wrong with this, of course, but the problem is that they do this without thinking of how their boss sees things in the organization. If you want to get noticed by your boss, make an effort to know what’s important to him, and make that thing important to you as well.

Make your boss look good.

Whatever you do for the company reflects the kind of manager your boss is. If you do your best and yield positive results, your boss will look good. Also, during department meetings, do your best to prepare all the necessary paperwork and presentations that will reflect the performance of the team and your boss. When your boss is appreciated, he will surely love you for it.

Never gossip about your boss.

According to experts, it is impossible to have a good relationship with a person who you keep complaining and gossiping about. While there may not be anyway your boss is going to know what you’re saying about him, this kind of behavior of yours certainly has an effect on your relationship as a boss and employee.

Ask to have regular meetings with your boss.

You don’t have to wait until the annual performance review for you to talk to your boss about your performance at work. It is always nice to be enthusiastic about getting feedback about your job as this shows how much you care about it. This is also a great opportunity for you to find out which part of your performance needs to be fixed or improved.

Be tactful in expressing your ideas.

In cases where you don’t agree with your manager’s decisions, you can voice out your thoughts, but make sure that you do it properly and really well. Don’t be too assertive and aggressive. Politely ask him if you could make any suggestions about something and clearly state your opinion.

Be everything that your company needs you to be.

This may sound idealistic, but even life coaching professionals would say that every employee must always strive and work hard to be the best asset of the organization they belong to. By having this mindset, you are putting yourself in a position to get noticed and succeed in your craft.

About the author

Cecile Peterkin is a certified career and retirement coach, and a registered member of the Career Professionals of Canada and the International Coach Federation. She is also the Founder and Senior Career Strategist at Cosmic Coaching Center, provider of career and life management services for middle managers and mid-career professionals across Canada, United States and Europe