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"How To" Transform Your Resume in 14 Minutes!

You can transform your resume instantly, but first you must know what your resume really is about. It is all about marketing, marketing your skills properly to a hiring manager. The person that puts together the best possible marketing campaign wins in job searches!  


There are two ways to write a resume.  One is the "job description" style.  The other way is "marketing and accomplishment" style.  For 92.976% of all job seekers and job applicants, they write their resume as job description style.  Here is the step-by-step process in "How To" Transform Your Resume in 14 Minutes to the Ultimate Marketing Tool and Get Hired:


1. How To Use Social Media.  Now many of you are thinking about networking to find jobs through social media.  Yes that is powerful; however social media can be used as an amazing marketing piece on a resume.  ALL employers will search your social accounts and profiles.  Many companies will make positive or negative hiring decisions based on what they see, so give them something powerful.
The top third of the first page of your resume right below your name should be a section called Professional Social Exchange. Here you will provide to the employer: Skype, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and URL.  The URL will be your blog or website that you run or have contributed to.  Employers love social media.  They love to see the creativity, writing, connections, and sphere of influence you hold.  Think about what you do and how you do it on social media and it could land you your next job.

2. How To Make an Impact with your Skill Set.  Once again in the top third of the first page of your resume people will often list their skill sets.  The first thing you want to do is properly place this below your Professional Social Exchange.  Secondly, you will want to insert a table.  Next you will NOT label it as Skill Sets.   You will label it as Success Tools.  Using this phrase will make this often mundane section POP off the page.  In the box, you will list 9 of the very best skills you have to bring to the table for a potential employer.  Your Success Tools, will also play a vital role in the keyword optimization of your resume.

3. How To Use & Win with an Objective.  The very first thing you are going to do is change it from Objective to Professional Mission or Professional Summary.  Objectives used to be ignored.  Why?  Job seekers often used a one size fits all vanilla approach to their objective.  It had no emotional value to the potential employer that changes today.  Your Professional Summary will be a max of 3 sentences, it will include the potential employer name and job title.  You MUST make this small change to each company you send your resume out to.  Example: 

Professional Mission:  For the SVP of Sales with ADP, I look to bring my 10 years of 123% sales average increases, product development, and IT Development.  You will find that my acumen and experience will have a direct and immediate impact on ADP.

You have made it personal and professional.  Most importantly you have made it memorable.  With it being memorable it becomes marketable, marketing!

4. How To Use Bullet Points.  You should NOT use paragraph style resumes.  Bullet Point Resumes are preferred by companies 8 out of 10 times.  With that said, you can transform your resume by:

  • No more than 5 bullet points for each job.
  • Three of the bullet points should be the accomplishments, innovation, the things you were lauded for while employed there.  2 of the bullet points will be about the job duties and functions, they come as the final two bullet points in each section, NOT the first two.
  • How to use a Bullet Point:  

    Sales Management:  My tenure as the Regional Manager in charge of business development saw an average yearly increase in sales by 17.98%.  A retention in sales associates by 42%.  I increased the bottom-line of my division yearly by 19.15%.

    This will make this bullet point and job seeker memorable.  Accomplishments, marketing, it is what makes a resume convert.

5. How To Use Emotionally Intelligent Words.  The words you use are as critical as anything on your resume.  Your design, flow, experience, and acumen can be perfect, but unless you illustrate it; it will lose all effect.  Emotionally Intelligent words are those that better describe a scenario or Success Tool.  Example:

  • Before:  Ran Front End of Office             After:  Operational Management
  • Before:  Control of Inventory                 After:  Inventory Management & Control
  • Before:  Ran multiple locations              After:  Logistical Coordination & Control
  • Before:  Customer Service                     After:  Customer Development & Retention
  • Before:  Sales                                     After:  Business Development


  • The list can go on and on and on.  The fact is the impact of what you do is in the wording of it.  The emotionally intelligent words you use, the more compelled an employer will be to interview and hire you.  These emotionally intelligent words are needed for your resume and interview!

How To Transform Your Resume in 14 minutes is achievable and will prove to be critical.  If you follow the How To's above your conversion ratio in interviews, call-backs, and offers will increase exponentially.  Take the 14 minutes to review and make the changes above.  It will be the best 14 minutes you ever spent! If you need more assistance with your resume, click here for a free resume analysis or a professionally written resume.