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The Purpose Driven Resume



To many this title may sound familiar. The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren was a wildly popular series of books that inspired a nation. However, I didn't want to take advantage of the title, but put a different spin on it, the Purpose Driven Resume.

I see many resumes, cover letters, and information come across my desk. Often I am left with the same conclusion, "What is the Purpose of the Resume?"  The Purpose Driven Resume is all about marketing!

Your resume is 1B as far as the most powerful marketing tool you will have in landing the job you want and the job you need. This advice is not for mid-level managers and above. In fact the most ferocious job market there is, are for the rest of the positions. The 2,000,000+ jobs that come available on a yearly basis. The competition to be seen and heard is unrelenting. Your resume and the marketing components of it need to be effective. This employment industry is the most uber-competitive industry that people are in, and they need to be equipped for success.

The Purpose Driven Resume comes down to key components that you should implement immediately:

Structure. The structure and usage of space on your resume is critical. From the position of your name, to the actual use of references. Every line, every centimeter, every margin of space needs to be filled with value. Below are a few headings and areas of the resume you need to implement immediately:

Professional Social Exchange: Listing your Skype, Email, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and URL's.

Professional Summary or Position Statement. Formerly Objective.

Success Tools.

History of Success - Work History.


We are going to cover the top three. Professional Social Exchange, Position Statement, and Success Tools. It is these three that will be the "ALPHA" on the first page of your resume. It will be these three sections that will give the employer the reason to read on. It is these three sections that give you the Purpose Driven Resume.

1. Professional Social Exchange. If you haven't already it is time to face facts. Social media is one of, if not, the most powerful tools available to people today. Social media will be utilized to evaluate you as a candidate, both positively and negatively. For now I want to focus on the positives. If you need to be reminded of what NOT to do on social media, that will be for another discussion.

Social media: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn allows you to market yourself in a way that your resume and cover letter simply cannot do. You are being evaluated in your natural space. Employers are looking at the following:

"Sphere of Influence, Creativity, Writing, Networking, Engagement, and Value in Content."

Your job, regardless of position, holds all of those attributes. Whether it be sales, service, management, technical, education, legal, medical, in every aspect of the position you need to have those attributes above. It is critical that you get out in front of social media and use it to your advantage.

Use your social media space to show off your influence and knowledge. Your ability to captivate people through writings, quotes, answering questions, or posturing yourself as a subject matter expert. Not being the loudest voice, smartest voice, but by being the leading voice in a conversation.

Engage daily. You showing a daily and consistent pattern of engaging your circle daily will show a perspective employer how diligent you will be in the work you will perform for them. This is critical. You are showcasing habits and work ethic, this will go a long way with an employer.

Networking. How you use your knowledge and voice to help people. Do you drive the discussion? Are you a subject matter expert in your field? Your ability to create a buzz and BE the person in the room will show any employer a great deal of tangible assets. The ability to drive a message, subject, and people will show a direct proportion of leadership, management, project management, and the ability to be a Brand Ambassador.

Brand Ambassador. How you portray yourself on social media is critical. Your ability to carry a "brand" whether that being an ideology, opinion, message, or corporate banner will be important. Not everyone will agree with you or what you say. With that, how do you carry the brand? Do you crumble under pressure? Become defensive or belittle people? Do you carry that proudly, move forward and represent the brand? This is how a company will evaluate you and how you will carry their brand! That is critical, every employee regardless of position is a brand ambassador; how you wear it is the key.

We could spend weeks getting to the specifics of posts and tweets. In the end, what value do you bring to the social media community? In understanding that, that is a direct relation of what you will bring to your job. Employers use all social media accounts as a barometer, sometimes 50% of a hire decision or more. Don't push away the idea. Embrace and showcase it! You have the opportunity to show your skills off in a whole new and different light, use it, get hired, get the purpose driven resume.


Need Help Writing Your Purpose Driven Resume?