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Is Your Resume a Marketing Tool?


Here is a very important concept for all job seekers to understand. If you can get this concept, your job search will become an instant success. So let me ask you the question: "What is your resume?" Now a lot of people will have different answers for this question:

- Biographical Summary

- Chronological Summary

- Job Experience - Work History

- Data Sheet

- Extension of an Application

The answer to all of the above is NO, your resume is none of those things! Your resume is a marketing document! Your resume is designed, written, formatted, and distributed as a piece of critical marketing. Your resume needs to done in a way that will sell you better than the next person. I often think of resumes as a flea market, but hear me out:

If you ever went to a swap meet or flea market there are rows and rows of vendors. Each vendor has there little area arranged by product, table presentation, some use microphones, or whatever enticing elements. It is visual marketing. Our eyes are drawn to something and we go and browse their collection of items. That is exactly what a resume is. Think of it in a different way: Speed Dating!

In the area of speed dating you will have 60, 90, 120 seconds to make an impression on a man or woman as to your qualities and attributes that THEY may find appealing. Not what you want as much as what they want. In this brief window of time people are being evaluated on appearance and substance quickly. You are MARKETING yourself!

In this uber-competitive world of job searches and employment you are speed dating a potential employer. In that few seconds they have to connect with you, your marketing better be great so you can move onto the second date. Your resume better look good, share items of substance that an employer wants then close the deal. When you begin to understand that the person that markets them self the best will win, you will get hired. It is about marketing.

Today, look at your resume that way. Evaluate it for its presence and marketability. Does it have all the potential, if you didn't know you, would you want to hire you. Is it appealing enough? Have enough information? Is the information relevant to you? What is the Desire Hire Factor of your resume? If you are looking for the best way to market yourself, there are amazing Get Hired Now Resources available at www.GetMyMomaJob.com or if you want a Free Analysis of the marketability of your resume Click Here and have your resume reviewed for FREE!