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Content Kids are Happy Kids

We have all been somewhere and have heard a child screaming or running around when it is not appropriate.  This happens at restaurants, doctor’s offices, anywhere that a child needs to wait.  A child screaming or appearing to be difficult is not a bad child, no matter the age, it is just a child who is bored. 

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Ideas to Plan the Ultimate “Frozen” Birthday Party



When it is your child’s birthday there are so many party ideas that would make a great birthday party. Although if you have a little girl whose birthday you are planning then that birthday theme is probably going to be “Frozen”. This is the hottest topic amongst girls right now and of course why wouldn’t your little girl want a Disney Frozen party for her birthday. Here are some fun ideas to throw the best Frozen birthday party.

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Back to School: Lunch Ideas

Your kids’ lunches, for school, do not have to be a boring sandwich that they really don’t want; you can make quick and delicious lunches for them. Lunch boxes have allowed moms to throw out the brown paper bags with peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and be more creative. Insulated lunch boxes, along with ice packs allow for kids to have more of a variety. To make the morning less hectic, choose lunches that you can prepare the night before. Here are a few back to school lunch ideas to get your creativity started:

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Back to School = More Running

Well I don’t mean running literally although, at times, we may feel like a hamster running on a wheel. This time of year, moms are pulled in every direction that it may seem like we are just going in circles with no end in sight. We need to readjust our schedules and readapt to the school year, especially after having summer break. Transitioning into the back to school mode can be easy with some planning and definitely getting back to schedules.

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