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Back to School: Lunch Ideas

Your kids’ lunches, for school, do not have to be a boring sandwich that they really don’t want; you can make quick and delicious lunches for them. Lunch boxes have allowed moms to throw out the brown paper bags with peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and be more creative. Insulated lunch boxes, along with ice packs allow for kids to have more of a variety. To make the morning less hectic, choose lunches that you can prepare the night before. Here are a few back to school lunch ideas to get your creativity started:

 Instead of a sandwich, make a turkey or ham wrap. Use tortillas then add the meat and any toppings your child may like. Hold the condiments, pack those in a small container for your child to put on at lunchtime so it does not become mushy. Pair this up with a fruit salad and pretzels.

For children that may not like the wrap, use a 3 compartment container to put this lunch idea into. Roll up the lunchmeat and put into one compartment along with cheese sliced in slender rectangles. Add celery and carrot sticks in another compartment and crackers, like Wheat Thins, in the last compartment. Put ranch dressing in a small container for dipping the vegetables.

Pasta salad is a great variety from lunchmeat. You can make it colorful by using color noodles like Wacky Mac. Then you can add diced turkey, chicken, or ham; plus the vegetables like peas. Pair this with fruit and a healthy muffin.

Kabobs: You can make fruit ones alternating various types of fruit then use yogurt for dipping. Add a healthy muffin to make it more filling. If you do not want to use skewers, you can use straws. You will just need to make the hole bigger.

You can make Kabobs with lunchmeat and cheese also. Add fruit and gold fish, now you have a full lunch.

Who says you can’t have breakfast foods for lunch? One compartment add 2 hard boil eggs each egg cut lengthwise, another compartment have 2 mini waffles (must make the waffles in the morning) and the last compartment fruit salad. Add syrup in a small container and any condiments for the egg in another small container.

Taco Salad: Put the salad in one compartment with shredded cheese on top, taco meat in another, and put nacho chips in the last compartment. Put sour cream (or salad dressing) and salsa in separate small containers.


These are a few back to school lunch ideas that will keep your child filled for the rest of the school day. There are so many lunches you can make for your child that is healthy and quick to prepare. Plus these ideas will not affect the morning routine as almost all of these can be prepared at night.