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Back to School = More Running

Well I don’t mean running literally although, at times, we may feel like a hamster running on a wheel. This time of year, moms are pulled in every direction that it may seem like we are just going in circles with no end in sight. We need to readjust our schedules and readapt to the school year, especially after having summer break. Transitioning into the back to school mode can be easy with some planning and definitely getting back to schedules.

First you will need to reestablish all routines, morning, dinner, and bedtime. The bedtime needs to go into effect with the night routine. If changes were made to the routine during the summer, now is the time to get back into the swing of the school year routine. Back to a dinner time where the family can sit down together most nights and discuss the day. If your child needs to do certain chores or you read stories before bed as part of the night routine, then you need to plan these into the evening. Deciding on the best time to do homework will have to be taken into account for the new routine. Plus the morning routine will take some planning the night before so you are not running around in the morning causing yourself and children unnecessary stress. You do not want your children to feel rushed right before school.


Next you will need to pull out your daily calendar, so you do not miss important dates. If you have children in different after school activities, you will need to keep everyone’s schedule organized. Plus you do not want to miss important meetings or appointments so the entire family’s schedule will need to be in one central location. Google calendars is great for keeping everything together, you can even add notes for yourself. You can schedule reminders via email and text messages, this is a great organizational tool.

Being organized will make the adjustment of back to school easier. Like everything else, it starts with mom and a solid plan which includes organizing the day. Kids may be nervous going back to school or trying to deal with a more rigorous schedule after having a laid back summer. Starting in the evening, make sure all homework is complete and in their backpacks ready to go for the morning. Have all backpacks close to the door so they can grab them and go without running around, in the morning, trying to find their homework and backpack. Pack lunches the night before, this is one less thing you need to do in the morning. Next figure out what breakfast is going to be in the morning, have the table set so it is just making a bagel or pouring cereal into a bowl. Last have everyone choose what outfit they will be wearing the next day and if clothes need to be ironed, iron them the night before. The more you are organized, the less overwhelmed you will feel with everything that needs to be done. This will also help your children start their day off right without the hecticness.


Coming off of a less scheduled summer does not have to be stressful, you just need to be prepared so you can ease back into the school year schedule. Next article I will give lunch ideas that are filling and healthy, plus can be prepared the night before.