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Free Kid's Event at Petsmart

Petsmart just started an event called Camp Critters for kids.  This event will take place once a month on Saturday from noon - 3pm.

Each month will be a different topic.  These are at participating locations, so I would call your local store to ensure they are participating before you go.  Below are the dates & details:

June 9th:  

Camp Critters Part 1: Reptile Roundup!

This is the first Camp Critters event! * Your child will be a sheriff-in-training at PetSmart Junction where they will learn about the creatures of the wild west and have a chance to hold a bearded dragon. 
July 21:

Camp Critters Part 2: Underwater Treasures

Your child will transform into royalty with a custom crown keepsake as they learn about the magical world fish live in. 
August 18th:

Camp Critters Part 3: Small Pet Carnival

Have your child step right up and meet the stars of the show at our small animal meet and greet. Don’t forget to complete our scavenger hunt for extra fun facts about the our small pets.