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Tips for Travelling with Kids

Travelling with kids can be an amazing experience or become a nightmare quickly if you are not prepared.  This is true for a driving trip or if you are flying across country. Here are a few tips to make travelling with kids easier.

Bring Things to Keep Your Kids Entertained.  I always say content kids are happy kids, this goes for travelling also.  What you will bring will depend on the age of the child.  For airplane trips; 4 and over, let them have their own carry on whether it is a small backpack or a small carry on with wheels.  In their carry on, pack quiet, lightweight toys that will keep their attention. Books, sticker books, small play sets, coloring books with crayons, activity pads, etc. have always been favorites of my children whether in the car or on a plane.  These items work well in a car also, using a travel tray is an easy way for kids to be able to do activities in a car.  

Make Sure all Electronics are Charged.  If you have a tablet, you will want to bring it so your kids can watch movies and play games.  Download a few new games so it is something new for your child and they won’t get bored quickly. The same with your phone, but if they have their own tablet it is better so you don’t have to worry about your cell phone running out of battery. 

Break up Travel Time.  If you are driving, plan on places to stop to let the kids get some energy out; especially if it is a long car trip. A park, if possible, is perfect to let them get out and stretch.  This is not always possible, so a rest area will work.  Let them walk around, maybe throw a ball around with them for a few minutes.  If you are flying a long distance, choose a flight with a stop.  When flying across the country, my kids did better if we had a layover so they could walk around and get something to eat. If you can’t have a layover, then a few weeks before you fly out, go to the airlines website and request a kid’s meal.  

Have Plenty of Snacks.  Whether you are driving or flying, the last thing you want to have is a cranky child because they are hungry. If driving pack a small cooler with juice, peanut butter & jelly or other sandwiches and snacks.  If flying, put snacks into your child’s carry on so they are readily available.  You can buy deli sandwiches before your flight at the airport for your child to eat on the plain.  

Travel During the Day.  From experience, I can say travelling at night with little ones is not fun.  We had an unexpected weather delay and had a 3 hour layover, which I was not prepared for.  The layover wasn’t bad, but not arriving to our destination until almost midnight was a nightmare.  Both kids were sound asleep and so upset when I had to wake them up, not to mention that they had to walk through the airport to baggage claim, then wait for a taxi.  When you travel during the day, it is a lot easier to keep their routine.  This is the same with driving.


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Travelling with kids can be enjoyable if you are prepared.  Try these tips to make your travels a good experience.