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Ideas to Plan the Ultimate “Frozen” Birthday Party



When it is your child’s birthday there are so many party ideas that would make a great birthday party. Although if you have a little girl whose birthday you are planning then that birthday theme is probably going to be “Frozen”. This is the hottest topic amongst girls right now and of course why wouldn’t your little girl want a Disney Frozen party for her birthday. Here are some fun ideas to throw the best Frozen birthday party.


The invitations and decorations are self-explanatory, everything is based from the movie.  Right now you can find almost anything for your Disney Frozen birthday party at Walmart or your local party store. On a budget, if you have .99 Cent stores you can find napkins, cups, plates, balloons, and goody bag items at a cheaper price. The color scheme can be a light blue color.

Some cute food ideas that can be fun for kids also are:

ü  Build your own snowman (Olaf). This is very simple; have bowls of marshmallows, pretzels, black dot candies or candy eyes, and for the nose some type of small orange candy. Each child can have fun building the snowman then enjoy eating it.


ü  For a healthier snack, use carrot sticks for Olaf’s nose that kids can dip into a pond of veggie dip.


ü  Find a cookie cutter that looks like a snowflake and take mozzarella cheese and make snowflakes with a side of snowflake shaped crackers. Or you can make snowflake sandwiches, either grilled cheese or peanut butter and jelly.


ü  For a fun drink, buy plastic cups with the wide rim (can be found at a party store). You can use blue Kool aid or Tropicana has a juice that is the color blue. First dip the rims of the cup into a sticky substance like corn syrup or honey and then dip into clear or white sprinkles so the edge of the cup sparkles.  Last fill up the cups with the blue liquid.


Now it is time to play some games.  First give everyone bubbles that they can blow while dancing to the popular song of the movie: Let it Go.  Next you can play pin the nose on Olaf, use a snowman and orange noses. Sticking with the Frozen party theme, let each child make a snowflake that they can decorate with crayons or glitter for a special effect.  The snowflake is also something that they can take home with them. 

Instead of doing the traditional goodie bags, do something that everyone will be sure to remember.  Take a Frozen paper cup, you can buy the plastic ones at a party store or Walmart.  Fill it with small items like a Frozen ring, bracelet, small notepad, etc., these items can be found at Walmart, party stores, or Dollar stores. 


Creating the perfect Frozen party can be simple and fun.