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Simple & Fun Easter Party Ideas!


Are you planning an Easter party and trying to decide on what type of party to host? You do not have to host a formal gathering with a sit down dinner, you can plan a fun Easter Day party. You can create an Easter party that everyone will enjoy from kids to adults. Here are a few ideas for a memorable Easter day with your family and friends.


First choose a location for the party; whether it be your home, if you have a large yard, or consider a park.  You want to ensure there is enough space for kids to run around. One thing to remember; if you plan to have the party at the park, make sure there are restrooms.  Next when planning the menu for the party, make it simple. You can even have a potluck where everyone brings a dish. 

Now it is time to plan the activities that you will have at the party. Crafts are a favorite among children, have a small craft that is optional for all attendees. Make it a simple craft that will be enjoyable for all children. The craft can be to decorate their own Easter egg. Then who does not enjoy games, having games ensures everyone will be having fun. Here are some games that you can incorporate the Easter theme:

• Pin the Tail on the Bunny, similar to pin the tail on the donkey.

• Egg Toss, using a plastic egg of course.

• Whack the Basket, this is in replace of a piñata with the same concept.

• Bunny, Bunny, Egg, similar to duck, duck, goose.

• Hot Boiled Egg (using a plastic egg), similar to the hot potato game.

Of course, a fun egg hunt is needed for all Easter parties. If you have children that are different ages, maybe have two separate egg hunts one for older children and one for the younger children. Give each child a decorative bag to collect the eggs in. Fill plastic eggs with treats like jellybeans, stickers, and small toys for a surprise.  

Here are some deals to fill the eggs:

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Using the tips above, you will host a memorable Easter Day party for your family and friends.  Enjoy your Easter Day party!